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My name is Gloria GO

Have you ever given up doing something you wanted to do and then regretted not having done it?

How do you think your life would be without limits being imposed on you (by ourselves, by others, by society)? What sensations would you try to experience at 100% of your potential?

Imagine a world in which you can do whatever you have always wanted to do, even realize your hottest fantasies, without the fear of consequences and judgments, simply enjoying yourself at every moment.

You are about to enter the world of Gloria GO!




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About Her

Why Gloria GO

Above all, Gloria Go is an idea – a way of thinking. You can read her stories, but you can also interact with her, answer her questions, help create her personality, grow with her through her adventures. You can also discover tips to use in your own life, from those of the sexologist to those of the make-up artist, the personal trainer and the life-coach, because following the stories and life of Gloria Go can result in satisfying a lot of your curiosity. And with her incredible WowBoxes, you can use the same toys and tools that Gloria Go discovers in her stories. From fiction to reality, from reality to fiction, with the sole objective of returning to dreams and excitement, growing as people and as women and starting to live our lives in a more carefree way.

Gloria GO is a marketing consultant who lives between Milan and Nice (French Riviera). Her mother comes from Genoa and her father from Tampa in Florida. These are the cities that characterize the life of Gloria GO and that have contributed to forming her character. Her job involves handling important advertising campaigns; as a senior account and project manager, she manages a close-knit team of collaborators. She has been living with Dave for a couple of years now, but is starting to ask herself questions. She feels taken for granted and does not like it at all. Fortunately, she has a beautiful dog, a Cavalier King Charles called LaLa, who never stops showing her his love.

She happily goes out with old friends, even those she has known for a lifetime; they are the only ones that can make her smile even when things do not seem to be going right. Sporty, but not overly so, she goes to the gym, goes running and likes to experiment with new activities. And not only in sports! But there is one thing that stands out strongly in everything she does, her innate joie de vivre.


How to interact with Gloria GO

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Follow the Gloria GO stories that you will receive in your email for free. These are contemporary stories of a free and successful woman in which you can identify with her and share in her choices.

You can also read stories in both PDF and ePub formats, in order to be able to use the reading device you prefer. And if you order one of Gloria GO’s spectacular WowBoxes, you can also have the version of the stories printed on paper together with many other gadgets and in-depth materials.


Discover in real time what Gloria GO is doing on her social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram. A business meeting, an aperitif with friends, a session in the gym, a romantic dinner or a weekend escape: Gloria GO will share her life with you with the style that characterizes her, or with eroticism, irony, mystery and joie de vivre. But remember, there is not a single and defined Gloria GO. Each of us can be her. Share your posts with friends and so contribute to making the Gloria GO community ever more numerous.


In the Gloria GO stories and on social media, you will be asked to answer some questions. “How would you have reacted in this situation?”, or else, “How would you have behaved? What choice would you have made?” This will allow you not only to interact with her but also to reflect better on your personality, on the choices you have made in the past, on the consequences that resulted and on how best to respond to the stimuli that life will present you with in the future.

You have the opportunity to increase the wealth of experience and the weapons at your disposal in order to face your life as a player.


By answering questions or taking part in surveys, not only will you be able to get to know each other better, but you will help create the personality of Gloria GO which evolves from time to time, adventure after adventure, based on the instructions of her most faithful and passionate readers. It is a unique opportunity to interact and grow Gloria GO according to your tastes and preferences. Send us your thoughts and requests. Would you like to give Gloria GO a specific experience? Are you curious about something you would like to find an answer to? Express your opinion! Comment! Make yourself heard!

The Stories

What you can find in every Gloria GO story

Aspects of Gloria

In every story, Gloria GO will reveal to you little secrets about her life, what she likes to do, what she would gladly avoid, her past regrets and her future plans. Page after page, you will get to know her better: the cities she goes to, her work colleagues, her dog LaLa and, in general, the entire colorful world surrounding her.

Gloria’s theories

Every story inspires a theory. Sometimes, just simple reflections, sometimes, more complex theories in which Gloria Go wants to get us to think and reflect on aspects of life that are often ignored because of the background ‘noise’ caused by everyday stress.

Gloria’s gadgets

In each story, Gloria will have the opportunity to use sex toys. You will be able to discover new gadgets and to use them yourself, if you so desire, in order to move from a story on paper to reality, and so that you can identify even more with the story. You can find them inside the splendid Gloria GO WowBoxes!

Gloria’s questions

“What would you have done in Gloria GO’s shoes?”, or “How would you have behaved in this specific situation?” Interact and reply to Gloria’s questions. It will be a chance for you to reflect, to learn to get to know yourself better and also to contribute to the development of Gloria GO’s character, beliefs and values.

Gloria’s techniques

In each story, Gloria GO will reveal a little technique to you, a secret of her most intimate sexual nature. You can put them into practice in your actual life and improve your self-knowledge and self-confidence. The relationship with your partner can only benefit!

Gloria’s maxims

Each of us has quotes that have influenced our way of seeing things, of facing the world. Gloria Go has hers. Her maxims will allow you to better understand her world and will help you interpret yours. They are small coaching sessions for your daily life.

Some facts about Her

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Her Focus

What you can expect from Gloria GO

Gloria GO’s WowBoxes

The Gloria GO WowBoxes are a natural follow-up for those who read and follow her stories. They are the only way you can move from a narrative to reality and to directly experience the same accessories used by Gloria Go in her adventures. In addition, only those who have the WowBoxes will be able to access the website’s secret areas and discover the alternative endings to the stories.


Gloria GO does not like to wear heavy make-up. She knows she is beautiful and prefers a natural look. But knowing how to put on make-up while maintaining a soap-and-water look is even more difficult. That is why the secrets our make-up artists will reveal to you from time to time are so important in order to always be yourself in every situation and reach 100% of your potential.


Would you like to have Gloria Go’s body? Do you want to be looked at by men in the same way they look at her? Follow the instructions on social media and the guides contained in the WowBoxes. The best fitness experts will explain to you in detail how to get a flat stomach and sculpted buttocks, or more simply, how to always be at your best and sure of yourself.


Do you have any secret questions you have always wanted to ask an expert? Have you heard about a particular technique to use with your partner and would like to examine the subject further? Through Gloria GO’s stories, and with expert insights, you will learn secrets and techniques with the sense of irony and carefree manner that characterizes Gloria GO.


Here we are, the day has arrived and this evening you will go on the date you have been looking forward to for such a long time. Then you suddenly panic. What outfit should you wear for the occasion? What would be the most appropriate look? The same experts who assist Gloria GO will also assist you by publishing tips for staying on top in every circumstance and feel more confident yourself.

Travel and Trends

The hectic life of Milan, the party atmosphere of Nice and the French Riviera, the discreet charm of Genoa and Liguria, the warmth and colors of Florida: these are the places where Gloria Go lives. She was born with a cosmopolitan nature, and thanks to her weekends around Europe and her exotic vacations, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere and scents of her stories.


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